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  • Apple Bottoms

    Apple Bottoms is a fashion lifestyle brand that caters to trendsetting women of all shapes and sizes.

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  • Baby Phat

    Baby Phat is an urban fashion line of clothing and other items for women and girls. Besides clothing, the brand also includes accessories for phones, jewelry, shoes and fragrances.

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  • Coogi

    Coogi knitwear was always known as Cliff Huxtable's trademark look on The Cosby Show until rapper Biggie Smalls took the brand to a whole other level by rocking Coogi sweaters it in many of his music videos.

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  • Dereon

    House of Deréon will be revitalized with new clothing designs that will range from chic ready-to-wear to more upscale sophisticated clothing.

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  • Dickies

    Dickies offers garments ranging from work pants and work shirts to women's workwear, chore coats, and denim jeans.

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  • Ecko

    Eckō unltd. is a brand of urban lifestyle clothing founded by Marc Milecofsky, a fashion designer. It has been popular since the late 1990s and moved into the mainstream urban culture in the early 2000s.

  • Ecko Red

    Eckored is the sister brand of the leading young men's brand Ecko Unltd. Fresh, colorful, young, relaxed style defines Eckored, which draws inspiration from music and young Hollywood stars as well as the heritage of the Ecko Unltd. brand.

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  • Jordan Craig

    Jordan Craig prides itself on its ability to feel the pulse of the street and quickly transition from one trend to the next.

  • Lavish Society

    Lavish Society

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  • Miskeen

    Miskeen has built a strong brand identity and solid reputation for originality.

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  • Parish

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  • Ralph Lauren

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  • Rocawear

    Launched off of the meteoric success of co-founder, Shawn “JAY Z” Carter, The ROC represents a borderless, global lifestyle. With Roc-A-Fella Records serving as the initial launch pad, The ROC realized its prowess in creating culture far beyond the realm of music.

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  • Southpole

    Driven by value and influenced by street style, this recipe for success has solidified the position of Southpole as one of the most successful privately-owned streetwear brands to date.